Why Us

If you are energetic, confident and ready to dedicate, JOIN US. We are willing to offer you the opportunity to realize your possibilities in a friendly yet challenging working environment where you are rewarded with a wide range of opportunities for professional development and growth, together with a team of mindtalentvirtue leaders.


VRG Khai Hoan bring an attractive and good income policy, fair and competitive bonus regime in the labor market.


We have been building training courses, talent development programs to help employees develop their careers and stay with the Company for years.


In addition to the prescribed holidays, employees are entitled to 14 to 22 annual leave days and a number of other days off such as maternity leave, summer vacation...

Human resources are invaluable assets


With more than 16 years of development and growth, VRG Khai Hoan is proud to build a professional working environment according to ISO 9001:2008.

Always consider human resources as an invaluable asset, a key factor that has brought great success to the company in recent years. We always focus on training and retraining our human resources. The company regularly and continuously sends employees to participate in external professional training courses as well as invites leading experts to the company for short and long-term training courses.