Warning of FAKE, LOW QUALITY goods on the market of imitation VGLOVE brand

Dear esteem customers and agents of VRG KHAI HOAN JSC,

First of all, VRG KHAI HOAN JSC would like to thank our customers and agents for trusting, supporting and working with our company’s VGLOVE glove brand so far.

The products of VRG KHAI HOAN JSC under the brand VGLOVE have been registered for exclusive protection at the National Office of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Science and Technology and have full certificates of quality assurance & conformity.

However, from the beginning of 2020 until now, the authorities have detected and handled dozens of cases of organizations and individuals manufacturing and trading fake goods, infringing on intellectual property rights Vglove of the Company. Many of these cases have been brought to trial for criminal prosecution. However, the current situation is still very complicated, the company is working closely with the authorities to strictly handle the cases of Vglove trademark infringement to ensure rights and interests of consumers and the Company’s brand.

We would like to inform and recommend to customers the distinguishing features of the products manufactured by the Company as follows:

1 – On the design of glove packaging, the company writes all the information in accordance with the law on goods labeling: Origin of the manufacturer: VRG Khai Hoan Joint Stock Company, with VRG Khai Hoan JSC LOGO, specific size ticked , smooth/texture ticked, Made in Vietnam, Lot no has 08 digits according to the factory’s regulations.

2 – The packaging has a QR code, or anti-counterfeiting stamp. Customers using Zalo mobile application to scan the QR code to get the accurate product information and business information.

Fake stamp
Real stamp

How to identify fake stamps and real stamps:

  • Fake stamps print simple information on ordinary paper, when peeled off, the stamps are not broken or damage.
  • Real stamps:
    • Stamps with watermarks and round corners
    • When peeling the stamp, it will be broken in the form of a honeycomb (round dots as shown)
    • The stamp has 2 layers, only the outer layer covered with glossy paper can be peeled off and the inner layer of paper still sticks on the box in the form of a round dot like a honeycomb.

3 – Vglove designs are fully updated on the company’s website. Please visit the website link: https://www.vgloves.com

Product pictures

In order to contribute to handling the problem of manufacturing and trading fake goods, we look forward to receiving your feedback. For more information, please contact the company at phone number: 0274 3591 220, hotline: 0274 224 2 334 or email info@vrgkhaihoan-gloves.com. The company will keep the information provided by organizations and individuals confidential. Besides, in order to avoid fraud, buying/selling of poor quality products of unknown origin from wholesale and retail groups specializing in buying/selling gloves, please send an email to the Company’s mailbox address. : info@vrgkhaihoan-gloves.com with the title “PROMOTION FOR VERIFICATION OF GOODS”. We will assist customers in verifying the goods.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, trust and support.

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